Profile Nurse - Minor bug fixes and requests for new features

After the initial release of Profile Nurse in december 2008 we've received a lot of positive feedback. We've been able to fix some minor bugs that occurred and relase the new version with this article. Details of the fixed issues and the available download are listed in History and Download.

Besides bug fixing we're always looking for ways to improve the functionality of Profile Nurse. You can help us by writing comments to this blog article, describing what you are missing when working with the tool or what you would find useful.

One example would be a new feature to rename registry objects. This may come in handy when a registry key or value describes a network location and this location has changed. A simple example is the migration from one print server to another. The printer connections are stored in HKCU\Printers\Connections in the format ,,servername,printername, where the comma replace backslashes in the network location identifier. Migrating the print server would then be a simple registry key renaming operation in Profile Nurse.

We're looking forward to hearing other proposals from Profile Nurse users.

Download ProfileNurse here.