Enhanced offline migration support for Profile Nurse

After some time nursing user profiles and helping administrators with their maintenance work I once more improved my skills. My new ability is copying file system data out of the user profiles, not just into them. On top of this the <PROFILE_DIR> variable can be used in file system copying operations.

A possible application for this is the migration from standard roaming profiles to Profile management by Citrix. Let’s say your v1 roaming profiles are located in C:\Data\Profiles and you want to prepare UPM profiles in the user store in C:\Data\UserStore. Here’s my command sequence to do so for the Documents directory:



Note the usage of <PROFILE_DIR> in the target directory parameter creating a new directory for each processed user. The target directory name ends with _upm_var as this is the user store structure for v1 profiles in UPM.

So here is my next version including some minor bugs fixes. You’ll find all changes in the change log and the updated manual and sample.ini. Enjoy!

Profile Nurse