New features for Profile Nurse

It has been a while since the last update and in the meantime some new features were added to my repertoire as well as some bug fixes. So here I am with some new tricks up my sleeve. What has changed?

Some profile management solutions store the user profiles in ways that differ from standard roaming profiles. On of those differences may be the user registry hive is not saved as ntuser.dat, but with the name of the user as the file name. This means that if UserA had his profile managed by such a profile management solution, he would have a UserA.dat in his user store instead of a ntuser.dat. Until now Profile Nurse would not have been able to find this registry hive and therefore the profile.

With this new version Profile Nurse will look for registry hives that have the same name as the user profile folder and handle these profiles, too. This will provide compatibility for those who have their profiles stored with this structure.

The other new feature allows for variabilization of registry value data. You might find yourself in a situation in which you need to modify registry values in a large number of profiles. The catch is that the new value data must contain the name of the profile folder. This would have prevented you from using Profile Nurse, but this new version provides a simple solution to the problem: It is now possible to use the <PROFILE_DIR> variable in data declarations of registry values. If specified, the variable will be replaced with the current user profile folder name during creation or modification of registry values.

You can download the new version with these features and some minor bug fixes here.