User profile migration including Outlook and IE passwords

With the release of version 2.2 of Profile Migrator not only covers all current migration scenarios, it also is the only application that migrates Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer between versions. One of the most important settings that makes the migration seamless for the user are stored passwords. Everybody knows the hassle of having to retype passwords. Many times the user doesn't remember them, doesn't know where to find them again or didn't even know that he needed one, because it was entered by his system administrator. So keeping passwords during a migration is one of the factors that make the process a success. Unfortunately there's good news and bad news about password migration.

The bad news

Encrypted passwords and data are tied to the user account. Many popular programs including Outlook and Internet Explorer use the Windows Data Protection API (DPAPI) for data encryption. The encryption process is based on master keys that are facilitated to encrypt and decrypt data. These master keys are unique to the user account they were created for. As a result the passwords cannot be transferred from one user account to another. That includes the following scenarios in Profile Migrator: reassignment of user profiles and migration to and from local profiles.

The good news

Encrypted passwords and data are tied to the user account. Therefore one important scenario supports the migration of encrypted passwords and data: the migration of roaming profiles without user reassignment. It doesn't matter if the the migration is performed centrally, from client to client or in Cloud & VDI mode. As long as the user account owning the profile doesn't change, the master keys necessary to decrypt passwords and data will be migrated. The encrypted data itself, of course, needs to be migrated through ACS files as well.

Quick overview

To sum it up here's a small table showing in which cases a password migration will succeed.

Overview of migration modes and password migrations

Luckily master keys and encrypted data is not all that can be migrated by Profile Migrator. The ACS technology enables a migration of all Office settings between versions from Office XP to 2010. Download the evaluation version here.