Profile Migrator 2.3: Only one password to memorize

A while ago I explained how user passwords in common applications like Outlook are stored and encrypted. Unfortunately the tie of encryption and user accounts made a migration impossible for a number of migration scenarios.

With Profile Migrator 2.3 we have implemented a solution that facilitates a Windows migration utility that can decrypt a user’s old master keys and incorporate them into the current master keys. By doing this all migrated passwords can be decrypted and used as if the user account never changed. Security is upheld by prompting for the user’s old password. This way only the user himself can migrate the master key and unlock the password migration.

After the first logon with the migrated profile the user will see a dialog similar to this one.

Protected Content Migration Screenshot

It lists the old domain or computer and the old user name and prompts for the old password. Once entered all migrated passwords are decrypted correctly and do not have to be entered again. A small limitation, however, is the fact that the migration utility is only available since Windows Vista/Server 2008.

Upgrade to Profile Migrator 2.3 now and forget password troubles with migrated users.