How to configure ShareFile Outlook Plugin for separate user groups on XenApp Servers

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Some of you know about the ShareFile Outlook Plugin. A really cool Plugin for Outlook to send and receive file directly from Outlook. A customer asked me if it is possible to configure the Plugin for a separate group of user. He wants to use the Plugin for a group of key users on terminal servers.

The following Step-by-step guide will help you to configure your ShareFile Outlook Plugin (OLP) by using a group policy object for one or more specific groups. It can be used for XenApp Servers or Client PCs. In my case, I’ve configured it for XenApp Servers.

- At first you need a new or existing GPO. I’ve created a new one, called “ShareFile_OLP”

- Under “User Configuration/Preferences/Windows Settings“ > Registry create a new item.


- In the opened dialog box enter the following parameters

Hive: HKEY_CURRENT_USER; Key Path: Software\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\Addins\Malone.AddinModule
Value name: Checkbox Default activated
Value type: REG_DWORD
Value data: 2

Registry value

- Close the dialog box by clicking “OK”

- Close the GPO Editor

- The next steps are to configure the scope:

Step 1 and 2

Add the groups. In my case:
xauser –> All XenApp user
sharefile_olp –> All licensed ShareFile OLP user

Step 3

Use Drag and Drop to bind the GPO to the OU, which contains all XenAppServer (pay attention that you use a Testserver at first and that the “Loopback behaviour is configured).

GPO configuration

- Now you have to configure the permission for the group:

1. Select the group (in my case “sharefile_olp”).

2. Choose the „Advanced“ settings.

3. Set the permission „Apply group policy“ for the group (“sharefile_olp”) to deny.

4. Close the dialog by clicking „Apply“.


Short explanation of the configured settings:

The registry key edits the load behaviour of the ShareFile OLP. By default this value is set to “00000003” after installing OLP. This setting means that the OLP will be loaded. If you change this key to “00000002” the OLP won’t be loaded at the start of Outlook.

How do you adjust for changes
If a user who was previously unable to use the addin needs to be moved to the group, how do you update their registry setting to be a 3? From what I can tell, it would have been set to 2 for them and once they are added to the security group, it simply won't apply the changes leaving it at 2 and still not available to them. I'm running into this issue right now during testing and am wondering if you had found a way to handle the scenario.
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