How to change/modify Android WorxApp Icons

Last week I explained how to modify WorxApp Icons on iOS Devices. This time I want to show you how to do this for the Android Apps since the necessary steps are slightly different.

For Android we need to decompile the .apk files before we can edit them. To accomplish this we need the apktool. You can download the tool here. After you finished installing the apktool we can directly start with decompiling the .apk file. In this example I moved the .apk to the same folder as the apktool and run the following command: ./apktool d applicationname.apk After the decompiling is finished you´ll find a new directory within your apktool folder.


In this folder you can edit the Icons as you wish. Since the .png for different resolutions are spread across several folders I searched for launcher which will show all relevant files. As you can see I spent a lot of time to customize the files ;)


After you are done you have to rebuild the .apk file. This will also be done by the apktool. You can start this process with the following command: ./apktool b applicationfolder applicationname.apk


Now you can wrap the newly created .apk as you are used to with the MDX Toolkit.