Multiple WorxMail Instances

There are several circumstances where you want to offer Multiple WorxMail Instances with preconfigured Application Settings. For example a WorxMail Version for your Microsoft Exchange Users and another Version for your Lotus Notes Users. If you just import a second Version of WorxMail in your AppController and only changing the Application Name you will experience some problems. With this hack you will be able to offer your Users preconfigured Multiple WorxMail Instances. But it is still not possible to use both Versions of this App on the same Device at the same Time. In this Case you will still get the usual behavior. This will work ofcourse with other WorksApps too, i.e. WorxWeb.

We will start with downloading the latest Version of WorxMail from Citrix. You have to wrap this .ipa as you are used to by using the Citrix MDX Toolkit. After you have your .mdx file you need to extract the policy_metadata.xml file from the .mdx. You need to do this because after we modified the .ipa the Citrix MDX Toolkit will not recognize the .ipa as WorxMail anymore.

Now to the fun part :)

Open the WorxMail.ipa file with WinZip or similar Tools and extract the PayLoad Folder somewhere where you will find it. Open the Folder and Right Click Open the app by selecting Show Package Content.


Here you need to find the Info.plist File and copy it to Location where you can edit it i.e. the Desktop. Open the File with your Favorite Editor and search for CFBundleIdentifier. Below this entry you will see <string>com.citrix.mail</string>. If you are editing WorxWeb this string will be named “com.citrix.browser

 showpackagecontents textwranglerinfoplist

This Value needs to changed! If you want to deploy a second WorxMail Version for Example for Lotus Notes change the Value to com.citrix.maillotus. Save the Info.plist and copy the file back to the File by using Drag&Drop. After that you can zip the Payload Folder again into WorxMail.ipa or just replace the Folder within the existing .ipa. Please be aware of the following fact; If you want to use the Update Function within the AppController when new Versions of WorxMail are available you need to edit the Info.plist again and replace the String with the same Value! If not it is not possible to update the App.

Now it is time to wrap your modified .ipa file as usual. Before you can Upload the .mdx file to your AppController you need to replace the policy_metadata.xml within the .mdx from the beginning. After that you can upload the .mdx to your AppController give the Application a Name and start testing.