Automate Citrix Receiver Desktop Lock 4.2

Last December Citrix released the Citrix Receiver Desktop Lock 4.2, which brings compatibility with Storefront. I tried to install it silently, but the machine rebootet immediately. This is bad as this will break many software deployment tools, like System Center Configuration Manager. I solved it with hacking around in MSI tables.

You can download Desktop Lock on the Citrix download page. The installer is just a simple msi file. One would asume that you can do something like this to suppress the reboot:

msiexec.exe /i CitrixReceiverDesktopLock.msi /qn /noreboot 


msiexec.exe /i CitrixReceiverDesktopLock.msi /qn REBOOT=ReallySuppress

But apparently the msi doesn't accept any common parameters to suppress the reboot. So I looked into the msi file with orca and spotted a row with a reboot entry:

Desktop Lock msi

After deleting this row, the installer didn't reboot. I build a transform file so that the original msi from Citrix stays untouched. Download the transform here

I don't know why but as I added the transform to my installation commandline, the parameter '/qn' wasn't working anymore. Gladly '/passive' is :)

So here is the final commandline:

msiexec.exe /i CitrixReceiverDesktopLock.msi /passive TRANSFORMS=CitrixReceiverDesktopLock.mst

Thanks to @JanPfisterer for the msi know-how!

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