Presentation - NetScaler automation with Windows PowerShell

A couple of months ago we figured “Hey, we’ve got this quite awesome PowerShell installation and configuration framework for XenDesktop, PVS, Storefront and what else, called sepagoLogix (find information here). Why shouldn’t we extend it to NetScaler?”. Last weekend, Sven Jansen (twitter: @jansvensen) and I, went to the E2EVC convention (more here) and talked about our process, what we already achieved and what we are aiming for.

What we do is to create a Framework, or better a PowerShell module plus a few addons that will help customers to initialise, configure and control NetScalers, be it VPX, MPX or SDX.

Our presentation will show you:

  • Requirements
  • General thoughts
  • Explanations of our scripts

You can download the presentation here.

You con download some sample scripts here.

A big thank you to Sven and E2EVC for the great trip. See you in Dublin!

Within the next days, we will write a few articles about NetScaler automation and how it works.

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