Branding on StoreFront and NetScaler Gateway

Using StoreFront 3.5 and NetScaler 11.x it has become a lot easier to customize your Enterprise Receiver for Web Portal in order to satisfy the needs for Corporate identity. You can just make them look the same in a few clicks and just one little “hack”.

Regarding the external design, you create a new theme on NetScaler in “NetScaler Gateway\Portal themes”
Under “Common Attributes” you reference the according jpg/png files you have copied to 

/var/netscaler/logon/themes/<ThemeName>/custom_media  after having creates the new Theme.

The same files are required on StoreFront as well. You have to copy them to your primary StoreFront Server Group Server to the following location:


This folder will be synched with the other members of your StoreFront Server group when synchronizing the Server group.

Unfortunately, as in earlier StoreFront Versions not all settings have made it into the GUI. Here is the last “hack” being left in StoreFront 3.5: You have to add the background picture in style.css.

Prior to that you customize some settings in your Store.
Store -> Manage Receiver for Web Sites ->Configure -> Customize Appearance

You have 2 pictures containing your logo in different sizes already prepared after having transferred them from NetScaler. The max allowed size is being displayed in the dialog. Browse to their location and reference them.

Last step: Go to the custom directory and open style.css.

Apparently the syntax for defining the background does not like an absolute path. For that reason, it has to be the same directory. Well, all the other stuff is there as well, so no problem with this.

/* You may add custom styles below this line. */
	background-image: url('sepago_bg_2000x1125.jpg');

That’s it. Logging on to your Receiver for Web Site from external looks the same as coming from internal now.

Thanks to my colleague Jens Röbenack for major input.

Additionally have a look here. It’s talking about 3.0, but regarding the css stuff it’s still up to date.

Carl Stalhood is talking about 3.0 either, but also helpful

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