sepago IT-Consulting
Sepago's strategy consulting aims to develop a well-founded orientation basis for the IT decision makers. Issues are technical feasibility, but also opportunities and risks in regard to the IT-based business processes and the evaluation of the ROI. Sepago guides IT decision makers safely through the decision making process and develops new perspectives for a more efficient management of large server-based networks. For this purpose, sepago conducts e.g. management workshops, develops business cases, carries out cost-benefit analysis or evaluates technologies with regard to their potential for the client.

Concept design
During the concept design stage, sepago supports your planning for the best possible implementation of your strategic decision. This includes consideration of individual technical requirements as well as of budgetary and time restrictions. Sepago carries out management workshops and feasibility studies (proof of concept), creates management summaries, base material for decision making, technical concepts and process designs.

Project management

You don't want to commit too many internal resources for project management? Are you looking for independent project managers who supervise your projects according to the terms of reference defined? Apart from the classic requirements with respect to time, risk and cost management, it is particularly important to pay attention to the employees' soft skills. Our goal is for you to achieve the goals you have set yourself.  We will be pleased to supply in-house project management or to support the project leader. We have been able to accumulate special competency in the quality assurance of tenders. We assist you with wording that stands up to legal scrutiny and with the creation of precise requirement specifications. This ensures that the matching supplier gets the nod and that you will receive exactly the service you require.