Sepago stands for excellent competence in IT, innovative concepts and a corporate culture which promotes continuous improvement of our quality of working.
This is beneficial to our staff as well as our customers and partners. We combine these three key concepts of our strategy to deliver exceptional performance and exceeding results.

Competence in IT

As an expert in application deployment in complex infrastructures, sepago automates and optimizes the daily operations of data centers. Sepago consultants possess comprehensive knowledge and extensive work experience. Our internal competency centers promote further integration of Microsoft and Citrix technologies at sepago, and ensure that any employee in any project can rely on the support and guidance of their colleagues at any time, which enables them to meet increased requirements confidently. Our IT strategy board helps us to deliver the best consulting and technology available to our customers, today as well as in the future.


We strive for constant improvement, every day, asking ourselves how we can adopt new methods and technologies to improve our services. By turning towards new technology early, and implementing the ideas of our employees into our own software, such as SepagoLogix, Profile Migrator, Citrix Profile Manager, as well as various freeware tools, sepago has been ahead of the curve in delivering innovative solutions to everyday challenges in IT.
With the recent appointment of an innovation manager position, sepago established a central figure in the company to promote the collaboration of all staff to develop new, innovative solutions together.

Corporate culture

The core belief of sepago is that social interaction and collaboration during our professional lives are the key to maintaining a successful business enterprise. This is why we commit ourselves to forming continuously improving relationships between employees, customers and partners. Our openness is demonstrated through our sepagoForum event and the sepagoBlogs, and reflects our positive corporate culture, which our staff has attested to on several occasions during our repeated participation and success in the “Great Place to Work” awards.