Working Culture at sepago – a close and diverse co-operation

Sepago is versatile in many aspects: in our projects, in our daily operation and as a team. The different facets of each employee is regarded as enrichment for the whole company. We try to bring personal needs in line with the team and the organization. Everybody at sepago shares a common attitude: we are open minded and interested in each other. We work with pleasure and have a high demand for quality. We are experts in our areas of expertise - with heart and soul.

Recruiting & Welcome

Everything starts with a warm-hearted welcome! Your personal mentor as well as a regular communication will help you to integrate into the big sepago-team. 

Listening & Getting information

In our opinion both are important requirements to work together in a way that pleases all participants. We set high value on a feedback-culture which is driven by appreciation. All information are provided and communication is supported and promoted intensively. Mistakes help to find the right way. 

Participation & Endorsement 

For a long time we´re working intensively on the development of “Participation”: our employees are the experts in each of their work fields. In these areas and overall we´re looking for new ways to expand the manner of being part of sepago, in a sepago way. Central aspects in the kind of how we work, live and deal with each other are acknowledgement itself and the experience of being appreciated. We work on eye level.


We know that our business is changing rapidly. We have a large offer of further education, training and professional development with a pool of trainers and coaches. 


We are inspired by people and technology. We find different ways and formats to regularly bring together everyone and everything.


Work-Life Balance is very important to us . Our employees are allowed to manage this balance individually. We support and help out wherever its possible. Let it be a private or job-related problem: we find a solution. 

Team Spirit & Celebrations

We enjoy to celebrate and use events and parties to intensify inhouse communication. There is a variety of reasons for  celebrating: from birthdays to new certifications, from house-warming to Christmas parties. Our team spirit sometimes is likely to reach beyond end of work by far…

Working Culture at sepago means an open community, frequent communication, a lot of opportunities to participate and encourage new things. Simply put, our working culture contributes to our success. Empathy is an economical factor and makes us a “Great Place to Work”. 

A Great Place to work ®